Fourth of July resolution, along with oddities of the day

It’s been awhile.

Far longer than I had intended, anyway.  Well, I’m back.  I believe that if one is serious about advancing liberty, it must become his or her day job.  No more moonlighting, dilettantery, or going AWOL for months at a time.  To act like an amateur, a dabbler, is to be an amateur dabbler.  To make serious progress toward a freer society, one must approach it with an eye to seeing it through to the end.  The only avenue we have toward greater liberty is our ability to persuade.  To persuade as many fellow American citizens that liberty is the only solution to our plight.  Liberty is the only path that doesn’t lead to the ruination of this country and the remainder of her freedom.  It’s the only light in the dark that isn’t the headlamp of an oncoming freight train.  Rediscover liberty to resurrect the Republic.

So the task is set.  All laid out and waiting for those who know better to get off their lazy hindquarters and get to work.  “Hand to the plow and don’t look back” and all that.  Liberty won’t crown itself.  I want to sit down one year from now and truly believe that I made some sort of beginning toward that goal, rather the certain knowledge that I frittered the time away with a smattering of published articles that are a mere shadow of where my true passion lies.

So, to the task at hand.


So marijuana probably cures Alzheimer’s.  New study from the California-based Salk Institute suggests that THC removes the brain plaques associated with the memory-loss effects of Alzheimer’s.

Of course Brexit is good for liberty.  That political decentralization is always better than political consolidation is history’s chief lesson to humanity.

Obama’s civilian drone death acknowledgement is nothing more than insulting propaganda.  White House claims only 116 civilian deaths from drone strikes.  Everyone else claims over one thousand.  That’s the difference between a justification for drone policy and a reason to end it entirely.

District attorneys can really work a grand jury. Just ask Houston, Texas. They rule in favor of the cop every single time.

From The Intercept: How the U.S. Military Promotes Its Weapons Arsenal to the Public

A pesticide, not the zika virus, is the probable cause of microcephaly.  Researchers were puzzled by 60,000 zika-infected pregnancies that did not result in microcephaly.  A Big Pharma pesticide added to drinking water supplies to kill mosquito eggs may be to blame.

Cops give Emirati man a stroke as the descend upon him SWAT-style in Ohio. An idiotic hotel employee called the cops, reporting an Arab man pledging allegiance to ISIS while on a phone call.  He was speaking in Arabic.  The Emirati Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged Emiratis not to wear traditional dress, because, well, the propaganda-fueled environment of paranoia over Arabs.

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “Rationalia” fever dream is basically everything Hayek warned us about the fatal conceit.  Indeed, Hayek spent his entire career, after the publication of Serfdom, warning against the more “rational” social engineers and their totalitarian pipe dreams.

Police kill unarmed man at father’s funeral, in front of his family.  Sleazy move, even if the man had warrants outstanding.  Add to it the toxic ingredient of “escalation” that cops seem to be consistent in applying, where any false move or hesitation on the part of the suspect is grounds for a beating or a bullet, and you have a dead parent/son/daughter, and a cop who will walk.




Mutiny among the warmongers

50 State Dept. “diplomats” have signed onto some memo agitating for all-out war against Syria’s Assad.  So far Obama has withstood the calls for another war with a Third World power, but now John Kerry is lining up behind the pro-war faction.  What in God’s name do they think will be the result of such a war with a Russia-allied power?  What happened after Iraq, Libya?  Assad is fighting ISIS, supposedly a US enemy as well.  But by overthrowing Assad, the US would be handing ISIS another country to call their own.  Why are these people making decisions like this in our name?

This doesn’t count as “owning up” to civilian drone war deaths

Obama is allegedly “owning up” to civilian casualties in his murderous aerial robot war against various Third Worlders.  What it amounts to, though, is a whitewashing, because he is claiming only 100 civilian deaths from his drone strikes!  It’s laughable, and tragic, and who could possibly believe it?  The truth is that 90% of the people killed by Obama’s drone strikes were civilians, as The Intercept has reported.  That number of 100 deaths, claimed by the White House, is probably missing a zero.


Kerry gives Saudi Arabia a pass on the bombing of Yemen’s civilians.  Of course he would.  The US is funding the Saudis and their airstrikes, and, until recently, has been handing over civilian-murdering cluster bombs.  Funny how the most barbaric of weapons are end up in the hands of our Third World allies.

Justin Raimondo thinks Hillary’s hawkishness can be explained by a need to compensate for being female.  Well, hasn’t she made her gender the cynosure of her campaign?

The military is building a database to predict who will be the next Snowden-level whistleblower.  Paranoia reigns supreme inside the complex.  Just imagine the inevitable witch hunts.

Risk of war between Russia and NATO is increasing because NATO is lining Russia’s border with soldiers, tanks, and nukes: Emerging Potential for War in Europe.  Needlessly provoking Russia is reckless in the extreme.

Of course the Obama administration would whitewash the use of drones .  He pioneered the use of war by remote-control.

The Strange Blissfulness of Storms


Morning links

Something to remember on this Memorial Day: governments always need a good war to grow and sustain power.  That explains the incessant provocations along the Russian border, as well as the South China Sea.  On this Memorial Day, remember all the wars-in-utero that Washington bureaucrats, politicians, and lobbyists are eager to see transpire. But US citizens will pay for the wars in blood and money, and then will be forced to suffer under the resulting power-grab by government.  Remember the stupidity of war, so that the stupid wars cease.

Here’s an idea: rescind Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.  He’s been at war longer than any other President in U.S. history, and has set a deadly precedent in the use of drones to carry out extra-judicial killings.

What, exactly, are we memorializing on Memorial Day? Unless we’re reflecting on the tragic stupidity of most U.S. wars, the idiots who dragged the nation into them, and the soldiers who died fighting in those unnecessary wars, it becomes nothing more than propaganda for the next stupid war.  Better to abolish it, says Justin Raimondo.

David Boaz offers Memorial Day wisdom in an oldie-but-goodie from 2010

Some cops really dislike police accountability activists

Mises Institute president Jeff Diest offers wisdom and skepticism following the Libertarian Party convention

How much substance would emerge from a Trump-Sanders debate? Hint: none whatsoever.

From Politico: Does the Libertarian Party Finally Have a Chance?

From Foreign Policy: White House Blocks Transfer of Cluster Bombs to Saudi Arabia.  After having sold the Saudis millions of dollars’ worth of the deadly, cowardly civilian-killers in recent years.

From The Guardian: CIA ex-boss: secretive spooks tolerated in UK more than US.  British citizens care less about their Surveillance State than Americans do theirs.  I’m sure former NSA director Michael Hayden admires that about the Brits.  He also wishes someone would put Edward Snowden on a “kill list”.

From National Geographic: Antibiotic-resistant superbug found in US

From The Atlantic: How to avoid the post-antibiotic apocalypse

From Quartz: Why does gin and tonic taste so good?