How about a database of discipline/employment histories of police?

The Intercept.  In 2014, NYC paid out $215 million in settlements to the victims of the NYPD.  The department is sued around 4,000 times every year.  Open Data Projects are a crucial tool in the fight for accountability, and the information they expose has led to more accountability from the cops.  But police are costing cities millions of dollars in settlements and court costs each year, which means something is lacking.  How about a massive database, searchable by the public, that lists the discipline/employment histories of current and prospective police officers?  The city could then choose a policy of not hiring a cop with a history of beating down innocent citizens, which might save the city money and send a signal to other, short fused cops.

Drug-related arrests lead arrest statistics in 2015

Reason. 83.9% of the 1,488,707 drug-related arrests in 2015 were for simple possession.  “Larceny-theft” came in second place at 1,160,390, followed by drunk driving at 1,089,171.  The lesson is that Prohibition induces a crime wave by introducing the element of violence in a normally peaceful, and profitable, trade.  As law enforcement gains more power and wealth to fight this artificial spike in crime, thousands of jobs are created that now depend on the continuation of that crime wave.  This is why law enforcement supports Prohibition: it’s the excuse for all the cushy, unionized jobs, the warzone goodies, the hi-tech surveillance gear, and the employment of trigger-happy goons.

Odds and ends

The US is bleeding Yemen’s civilian population, under the guise of a Saudi-led war

US plunges into war with Yemen

How many unsuspecting US civilians will bleed and die from terrorism fueled by the atrocities committed by the US-backed Saudis in Yemen at this very moment?

The bombs, jets, guidance systems, and strategy are being provided by the US military.  All the hard stuff is taken care of, all the Saudis have to do is pull the trigger.  Which they do, a lot.  This includes the recent attack on a Yemen funeral, where 140 mourners were killed, which has now been dubbed a ‘deliberate error‘, according to the British minister to the Mid East.

The survivors, the families of the victims, know who’s arming their tormentors, and they won’t forget.  Those who arm the Saudi’s, however, will be tucked away, forever safe from retribution.  American civilians, soft targets, have been, and will be again, the human shields of the inveterate interventionists who drag this country into endless war.

Whoever hacked the DNC/Clinton campaign deserves a medal

First post in months, so there’s much to comment on.  One of the bigger things that has bothered me these past months is the auto-demonization of Russia in regards to hacking, “aggression”, and the like.  Clinton and her fawning media have attempted to divert attention away from the content of the revelations to focus on Russia as the culprit, for obvious reasons.  And while there isn’t proof of Russia’s hand in the hacking, why would it be such a bad thing?  Clinton is charging Russia with interfering in US elections…by exposing Clinton’s interference with US elections.  The hacking was, as Putin himself said, a public service.  What does it say about the level of corruption within the US political class that US citizens need a foreign government to expose that corruption?

The identity of whoever hacked the DNC and the Clinton campaign matters far less than what that hack exposed.

Reason‘s Anthony Fisher lists the top-10 revelations from the Clinton camp emails.  Among these is the hilarious/frightening nugget that State dept. officials ridiculously referred to themselves as the “Shadow Government”, and plotted, unsuccessfully, to control the release of Clinton documents.  Another revealing nugget is that in 2014, Clinton said that she was against marijuana legalization “in all senses of the word”.  Also, Dem officials apparently fretted over a job-killing $15 minimum wage.  Of course, they supported it anyway.  Last on his list is the not-insignificant fact that the White House knew long ago that Hillary was using a private server, and Obama himself used a pseudonym when communicating with Clinton.

The lesson, it seems, is that people reveal their true selves in private, when they believe no one of consequence is watching.  The Political Class takes its mask off, reveals its true intentions, when it believes the public isn’t listening in.  THIS is the reason we need Snowden, Assange, “Guccifer”, and the faceless whistleblowers and hackers who expose that Political Class.

Fourth of July resolution, along with oddities of the day

It’s been awhile.

Far longer than I had intended, anyway.  Well, I’m back.  I believe that if one is serious about advancing liberty, it must become his or her day job.  No more moonlighting, dilettantery, or going AWOL for months at a time.  To act like an amateur, a dabbler, is to be an amateur dabbler.  To make serious progress toward a freer society, one must approach it with an eye to seeing it through to the end.  The only avenue we have toward greater liberty is our ability to persuade.  To persuade as many fellow American citizens that liberty is the only solution to our plight.  Liberty is the only path that doesn’t lead to the ruination of this country and the remainder of her freedom.  It’s the only light in the dark that isn’t the headlamp of an oncoming freight train.  Rediscover liberty to resurrect the Republic.

So the task is set.  All laid out and waiting for those who know better to get off their lazy hindquarters and get to work.  “Hand to the plow and don’t look back” and all that.  Liberty won’t crown itself.  I want to sit down one year from now and truly believe that I made some sort of beginning toward that goal, rather the certain knowledge that I frittered the time away with a smattering of published articles that are a mere shadow of where my true passion lies.

So, to the task at hand.


So marijuana probably cures Alzheimer’s.  New study from the California-based Salk Institute suggests that THC removes the brain plaques associated with the memory-loss effects of Alzheimer’s.

Of course Brexit is good for liberty.  That political decentralization is always better than political consolidation is history’s chief lesson to humanity.

Obama’s civilian drone death acknowledgement is nothing more than insulting propaganda.  White House claims only 116 civilian deaths from drone strikes.  Everyone else claims over one thousand.  That’s the difference between a justification for drone policy and a reason to end it entirely.

District attorneys can really work a grand jury. Just ask Houston, Texas. They rule in favor of the cop every single time.

From The Intercept: How the U.S. Military Promotes Its Weapons Arsenal to the Public

A pesticide, not the zika virus, is the probable cause of microcephaly.  Researchers were puzzled by 60,000 zika-infected pregnancies that did not result in microcephaly.  A Big Pharma pesticide added to drinking water supplies to kill mosquito eggs may be to blame.

Cops give Emirati man a stroke as the descend upon him SWAT-style in Ohio. An idiotic hotel employee called the cops, reporting an Arab man pledging allegiance to ISIS while on a phone call.  He was speaking in Arabic.  The Emirati Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged Emiratis not to wear traditional dress, because, well, the propaganda-fueled environment of paranoia over Arabs.

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “Rationalia” fever dream is basically everything Hayek warned us about the fatal conceit.  Indeed, Hayek spent his entire career, after the publication of Serfdom, warning against the more “rational” social engineers and their totalitarian pipe dreams.

Police kill unarmed man at father’s funeral, in front of his family.  Sleazy move, even if the man had warrants outstanding.  Add to it the toxic ingredient of “escalation” that cops seem to be consistent in applying, where any false move or hesitation on the part of the suspect is grounds for a beating or a bullet, and you have a dead parent/son/daughter, and a cop who will walk.