Grooming your kid to become a killer for the State

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This is what’s happening in some (how many?) kindergartens across the country.  Kid-friendly military propaganda designed to groom your kids into thinking that joining the military would be an exciting, risk-free career path is being presented to your kids in public schools.  Not too surprising, since state-controlled schools have acted as laboratories for social engineers intent on producing “optimal” citizens.  When you put your kids into a public school, you’re handing their minds over to the State, and due to the endless taxing, spending, and money printing, most families have no choice but to put their kids in these obedience-to-state-authority groupthink hothouses.  That’s by design.  The State doesn’t want children being instructed by anyone other than it.

Kids are treated to this type of military-worshipping propaganda, and when that recruiter calls your house at 7am the moment your kid turns 18, he or she might just say yes to that friendly voice on the phone promising adventure, payment for college, etc.  Military recruiters sell servitude.  They’ll say anything, promise anything, to get you or your impressionable kid to sign up.  But once you’ve signed up, you’re in for life.  It’s like the mafia in that way, only far worse.

There is nothing noble about signing on to an institution that can command you to kill, invade, and occupy based on the whims of a President and his advisers.  The military is not deserving of the lives of your children or grandchildren.