Fight For The Future of Liberty

Why is chicken-hawk machismo such a crowd-pleaser?

Sheldon Richman’s latest column explores the identical nature of the presidential candidates’ foreign policy views.  And by that he means the ultra-hawkish rhetoric that is blasted by the candidates during debates and speeches.  Why in God’s name is this type of talk about military force so popular?  Anytime a candidate let’s rip their vision for how they’d bomb some foreign country to the Stone Age, the crowd goes berzerk.  Why is that?  And the rare moment a candidate mentions the necessity of peace and the folly of war, the crowd boos.  Why?  It reminds me of a football game.  And it’s no coincidence that football games are an arena for the Police State to put on a show as well.  That vulgar religion called nationalism requires militaristic magniloquence from it’s prospective high priests.