Utah cops are warned about “disaffected individuals” attending LaVoy Finicum’s funeral

In one more example of how the War on Terror bureaucracy is being aimed at citizens who happen to care that their liberty is being dismantled by a rapacious political class, Utah police are being put on alert to certain attendees of the funeral of LaVoy Finicum, the man gunned down by trigger-happy police while his hands were up.  Apparently, some of the attendees may have a Gadsden flag bumper sticker on their minivan, which is evidence they could be an “extremist or disaffected individual”.  A Utah “fusion center” released the bulletin warning officers of “extremists” in advance of the funeral.  As DHS fusion centers have nothing better to do than shadow various Constitutional an militia activities, it’s not too surprising that they would take the time to issue such a “warning”.  But it surely begs the question: if this is what the Department of Homeland Security is spending its time on, why does it still exist?  How long can it ride the War on Terrorism wave before everyone realizes there’s no terrorism happening anywhere?  Fearmongering about “domestic right-wing extremism”, and keeping cops on “high-alert” appears to be the only thing these egregiously expensive meta-data centers are used for.  Oh yeah, and making sure police keep an eye out for that unicorn of right-wing extremism, the “sovereign citizen”!