Hillary invokes the Religion of the State at rally

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“Service is the rent we pay for living in this great country.”, said She at a rally in New Hampshire

Ha!  Ha!  This short sentences presumes so much, reveals so much about the brain that emitted it, that it’s difficult to know where to start.

First, who should be serving whom, mac?  Servants serve, so are we viewed as a nation of them, and by Hillary?  The idea of liberty is that, if government is to exist at all, it is to be doing all the serving around here.  Invoking “this great country” to justify “service” to the government that has destroyed it is an insult to those whose wallets are continually pilfered to pay for the ridiculous schemes that she will no doubt enact as President.

Second, this country didn’t become “great” by the grace of gift-wrapped thugs like the Clintons.  It’s greatness stemmed from whatever liberty was allowed to grow during the short years when parasites like Hillary didn’t have access to political power.  It’s greatness is being dismantled by the likes of Hillary and her ilk, all the while chiding you for complaining about it.

Kevin Williamson has a good write-up of this one as well.