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Police Union thug harrasses woman who pulled over cop driving 100 mph to work

The worthless parasite posted her personal phone number, along with “embarrassing” pictures, in an attempt to publicly humiliate her.  Police unions, as all public-sector unions, corrupt the services of the departments they’re strangling.  The employees become loyal to the union, instead of the people.  But since these unions have a stranglehold on the public sector, they don’t have to worry about their host dying of asphyxiation any time soon.  The customers, taxpayers, are forced to pay for the product, “government”.  In the private sector, this type of predatory unionism is held in check by the fact that, if they sabotage a company a step too far, they’ll lose the customers that voluntarily buy the products or services that company provides.  Not so in the public sector, which is why it is the height of folly to allow unionism of such institutions as the police, teachers, the TSA, et cetera.  The newly unionized minions become a voting/lobbying bloc for an expanded Police State.


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