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The internet will always be under attack by the Political Class

To realize how truly revolutionary the internet is, just imagine what it must have been like to search for information, compile it, write something coherent, and then find an outlet to publish it.  Mind-boggling.  News outlets were Establishment, there was no comments section to voice a dissenting opinion, and no place to discuss the news of the day.  That all changed with the internet.  Just think about how easy it is to start a blog, to hyperlink to all your sources with just a mouse click!  We can rip apart Establishment shills in the comments section of almost every news/opinion piece, and there are an almost endless list of alternative news and opinion sites to visit.  The Establishment gatekeepers have no idea what to do, they don’t have the stranglehold on information anymore.  The internet is the ultimate in “People Power”, all we have to do is use it.  The information that the political class would rather you not learn is out there, ready to be learned, for free.  All you have to do is sit down and learn.

This blurb was inspired by the European attack on hyperlinking.


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