Sanders’ New Hampshire win put the fear of God in Hillary camp…

From The Hill:

“In what now seems a mandatory part of any Clinton campaign, panic has set in. Tied in the Iowa caucuses and decimated in the New Hampshire primary, Hillary Clinton’s presidential juggernaut has once again veered into a ditch, just like it did eight years ago. 

Even before the votes were totaled in Bernie Sanders’s historic New Hampshire landslide Tuesday night, reports leaked of staff shake-ups and new advisers to bigfoot and “layer over” those with whom the Clintons have lost confidence. Friends say the message is her problem — strange for someone who has arguably been running for president since 2005. Others worry she cannot overcome her inaccessibility as a candidate, while still others fear her email scandal will ultimately doom her with voters.”

It can’t help that feminist dinosaurs are dragged into the spotlight to shame women into voting for her, either.