Even leftist economists are questioning Bernie Sanders’ policy ideas

From the New York TimesWhat Bernie is proposing would require at least a 50% increase in the federal government, or a larger government buildup than what happened just before World War 2.  So try to imagine a Deluxe version of what we currently have to put up with.  Does that sound as enticing as all the free stuff Bernie is promising?  Not so much.

From the article:

“By the reckoning of the left-of-center economists, none of whom are working for Mrs. Clinton, the proposals would add $2 trillion to $3 trillion a year on average to federal spending; by comparison, total federal spending is projected to be above $4 trillion in the next president’s first year. “The numbers don’t remotely add up,” said Austan Goolsbee, formerly chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, now at the University of Chicago.

Alluding to one progressive analyst’s criticism of the Sanders agenda as “puppies and rainbows,” Mr. Goolsbee said that after his and others’ further study, “they’ve evolved into magic flying puppies with winning Lotto tickets tied to their collars.””

But hey, free stuff!