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Vaping is an unprecedented revolution in public health, so naturally, government stonewalls it

Interesting write-up at RealClearPolicy.  Why is anyone opposed to the vaping revolution?  This technology is becoming by far the most effective means for smokers to finally quit, when gum, patches, and shaming on the part of their family, friends, and the public failed.  Former smokers sound like born-again Christians when evangelizing the virtues of vaping.  They can breath again, smell again, and their family isn’t forced to tolerate the stench of combustible tobacco.  Federally-subsidized shame campaigns, paranoia over Big Tobacco, the specter of breathing out of a neck tube and sounding like a robot, all these tactics have failed.  But where they have failed, vaping is succeeding.  But, as with any free market-innovation that has benefited public health to any measurable degree, its become the object of a ludicrous witch hunt.


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