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LaVoy Finicum wasn’t reaching for a weapon when gunned down, new video shows

FBI agents who lied about who pulled the trigger now under investigation.  From The Oregonian.  State troopers shot Finicum in the back, not FBI agents, and the video from the article shows that he wasn’t reaching for a weapon when shot.

The State wants you to pick up a gun against them; they’d love nothing more than having an excuse to gun you and your armed coterie of anti-government activists down.  Advancing liberty won’t happen at the point of a gun.  Liberty advances through reading, writing, persuading, organizing, not grabbing your Bushmaster and yelling “charge”!  The State wants activists who are violent or have the appearance of being violent.  Those who can be smeared to the point of being poster children for the growth of government power.  Education and persuasion are our only true weapons, as difficult as they are to wield.