Sunday links

Given Trump and Hillary, the Libertarian Party has become a real option for all the people who hate those two candidates

The vaccine documentary that was pulled from Tribeca Film Festival by Robert De Niro recently premiered in NYC

US is militarizing the Pacific, and not taking questions

Obama: nuclear terrorist attack would “change our world”  (Ed: can’t help but commenting.  Yes, it would change our world, meaning it would usher in the total Police State that right outside the door.  A possible terrorist nuke would kill a million people, but the global government response would be far worse.  The “loose nuke” problem was created by governments who were too careless with their nukes, or who sold nuclear secrets to shadowy figures for some momentary gain.)

Intelligence Community Olive Branch on Data Sharing Greeted With Skepticism

Venezuela today looks like Zimbabwe 15 years ago

Protestors smoke weed outside of White House