More people are realizing that the Drug War gave us the heroin epidemic

Another article on the subject, this time from The Atlantic.  Inaugurating a Drug War on paper is creating black market chaos in practice.  Criminals and police militarize, drugs get harder, deadly synthetic drugs arise, billions are spent on a futile crusade that that exacerbates the problem to the point where law enforcement are solely combating the side effects of Prohibition.

One such side-effect is the outbreak of heroin use.  Sufferers of chronic pain get addicted to Big Pharma opioid pills, but are unable to continue paying for the expensive prescription, so they head down the street to the local heroin dealer to get their fix.  It’s entirely man-made, and the finger should be pointed squarely at the War on Drugs.  Legalize it all!  Let the free choices of millions of people fix all the problems that ham-handed government prohibition created.