Murderers should go to prison, even if they wore a badge at the time

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John Greer was murdered in his own doorway by officer Adam Torres in 2013 in Fairfax County, Virginia.  The officer has been given a nice little plea deal where he pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter in exchange for what will amount to less than a year behind bars, which he’ll probably be able to avoid.  Now the daughters of the murdered man have released what reads like a grovelling apologia for official excessive force.  They think the cop shouldn’t go to prison for murdering their father, that him being barred from owning a firearm is enough of a punishment, and society shouldn’t punish his relatives by locking him up.  It’s like some mass Stockholm Syndrome has infected society, so poisoned are we by this blind worship of law enforcement.

How would John Greer be treated, if the situation were reversed, and he had murdered officer Torres?  He would be fast-tracked to a needle, if he survived his badged captors that long.

Police-worship is a poison, blinding us to official crime and abuse, and signalling to other officers that a slap on the hand is all they’ll ever get, even if they take innocent life.