Plea deals are a perk of Blue Privilege

Unlike White Privilege, Blue Privilege is a check that can apparently be cashed.  Cushy union jobs, early pension, etc.  But another perk of wearing a badge is that, if you happen to be holding a smoking gun with a dead civilian on the ground in front of you, the odds are in your favor that you’ll never see the inside of jail cell.  No matter the evidence stacked against you, because you are a member of the vaunted law enforcement class you automatically have the support of the powerful police union, and the DA, who will offer you a nice plea deal that keeps you out of jail.  It signals that there are no consequences for a murder committed by a rage-filled cop.  Indeed, it attracts the rage-filled.

Here’s a story of another murderous cop getting plea deal after killing a father-of-two in his own doorway.