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UN ambassador Samantha Power’s motorcade speeds through Camaroon village, runs over young boy

Recklessly speeding through a poor, crowded village at 60 mph in armored jeeps is a pretty good example of imperial arrogance at its most negligent.  This time it killed a young boy, who was struck by the speeding motorcade.  Ironic, in that the motorcade was heading to the “front lines in the war against Boko Haram”, whose victims include many, many children.  It’s ironic also is that the motorcade carried liberal neocon vulgarite Samantha Power, who harps endlessly about the necessity of this or that war via the destructive “responsibility to protect” doctrine, and who was instrumental in drumming up support for the Libya debacle, as well as the Ukraine intervention that installed a totalitarian thug State.

As‘s Daniel McAdams reports, Power’s convoy was late for a photo-op with the victims of Boko Haram, so they thought it’d be just fine to speed through a crowded village to get there in time.  Lives don’t matter to these people, only power and prestige.