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Colombia shouldn’t wait around for a real United Nations decision over the War on Drugs

Colombia is rightly recognizing that the War on Drugs has been nothing more than an engine for the creation of criminals, violence, impoverishment, and a vast police state.  It’s also given the excuse for a DEA invasion of the country, as the agency pours taxpayer billions into the South American Drug War and supplies the Colombian military with training and weapons.  The only solution for the citizens of Colombia, who bear the brunt of the failed experiment in coca prohibition, is complete legalization of cocaine production.  It’s the same solution for Mexico and the rest of Central and South America: legalize drugs and violence and oppressive police state tactics will end.  But they shouldn’t wait around for the approval of the world.  They should act on their own, and ignore the empty threats from the US Prohibition State.  The quality of life of the poorest, most vulnerable citizens is at stake.