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Know any “gypsy cops” in your local police department?

A “gypsy cop” is a cop who has been given the option to resign after some scandal, usually a brutal beating/shooting of an innocent, and gains employment far away at another PD, who prefer to hire someone without the cost of training them.  They then stay at that department until another outrage forces them to pack up and move again.  Cop Block has the story of just such a cop, who was given the option to resign following the release of video of an attack on a motorist during a routine traffic stop (It’s very important to note that this particular cop would still be with the same department had the victim not had the presence of mind to record the encounter).  The hair-trigger cop, Greg Brown, violently pulled the motorist out of the vehicle after becoming agitated by the driver’s questions and comments.  long-story-short, the video surfaced and the Eaton County cop was given the option to resign even though he should’ve been fired.  Because he was given the resignation option, he was able to gain employment 77 miles away in Lenawee County, Michigan.  It’s only a matter of time before another incident occurs involving Brown’s sensitive temper and an innocent to happens to act in any manner other than immediate submissiveness.  And the blame will lay at the feet of the police departments who keep hiring these wandering thugs.