Morning links

NSA and CIA double warrantless searches of US citizens in two years:FROM 2013 TO 2015, the NSA and CIA doubled the number of warrantless searches they conducted for Americans’ data in a massive NSA database ostensibly collected for foreign intelligence purposes, according to a new intelligence community transparency report.

The estimated number of search terms “concerning a known U.S. person” to get contents of communications within what is known as the 702 database was 4,672 — more than double the 2013 figure.”

Greenpeace publishes leaked TTIP documents. Reveals what we already suspected: a Golden Goose for the cronies who lobbied for it.

Google has access to 1.6 million “confidential” NHS patient records

Medical errors are the third biggest cause of death. 250,000 deaths in the US every year due to medical mistakes

The Uberization of Banking

Twitter responds hilariously to CIA’s phony “live-tweet” of Bin Laden raid

FBI agent pleads guilty to stealing $136,000 from asset forfeiture cases. Went on spending spree that included a new car, cosmetic surgery for the wife.

Who Started the Second Cold War? Answer: the country sending thousands of troops, war gear, and spy planes/boats to the borders of the other country.

Lockheed-Martin gets the $1.3 billion F-35 contract

Don’t retweet if you want to remember

The Strange Glass Born in Nuclear Explosions