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Improved relations with Iran and Cuba are the only positive aspects of Obama’s presidency, says Ron Paul

How much safety did $4 trillion buy American taxpayers during the War on Terror?

The economic collapse, and resulting human toll, of Venezuela won’t affect the appeal of the system that caused that collapse.  Socialism is the total, top-down control of society.  What is so appealing about that system?

Robert Tracisnki exposes the seemingly innocuous sentiments that led to the starvation of Venezuela

New York state cops may soon be granted the power to subject drivers’ phones to an intrusive “textalyzer”, if they suspect the driver of texting while driving

Unsurprisingly, marijuana, one of the world’s safest drugs, drops in price following legalization.  It also becomes far safer, as it leaves the black market and enters the open market, where producers and consumers have recourse to courts of law.

Also, Germany will legalize medical marijuana next year

Of course Russia is mad that the U.S. sent tanks within miles of their border.  This is reckless provocation in the extreme.  How would we feel is Russia lined our border with tanks?

British-made cluster bombs are being used in Yemen, according to Amnesty International.  Cluster bombs, bombs that scatter many smaller bombs over a large area, kill innocents.  16 Yemen civilians have been killed in the last year by accidentally picking up these unexploded mini-bombs.

The arrival of the age of quantum computing

How does one feed a T-Rex?