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The European Union was a CIA brain-child

Justin Raimondo pulls back the curtain on that political mirror image of NATO, exposing its covert inception. Antiwar

Relevant sentences: “Globalism is the name of the game for our deracinated elites, and nationalism – of any kind, including the American variety – is the enemy. That’s why we’re seeing both the Obama administration and the ostensibly “Conservative” Party leadership of the British state undertake a combined assault against Euro-skepticism and the threat of “xenophobia.” If you don’t want to see your country absorbed into the Euro-Borg, then you’re a “racist,” a right-wing extremist, and a hate-criminal to boot.

Yet the EU never had popular support in the countries it now lords over: that’s why they had to stage multiple elections until they got the “right” result in France, Ireland and Denmark. Which brings to mind that State Department memo about creating an aura of the inescapable around the EU project.

Britain, which has been the most resistant to European “integration,” has never had a referendum, and this upcoming test is crucial to the survival of the EU. If the Brits vote to exit, the CIA’s longest-running campaign, begun under the administration of Harry Truman, will have ended in failure.

The globalist idea is a central canon of the War Party. For if national borders are to be erased – and the very concept of national sovereignty relegated to the dust heap of history – then the job of justifying Washington’s wars is made much easier. The claim that there is a “higher” principle operative in international affairs than the inviolability of national borders – “humanitarianism,” “democracy”-promotion, women’s rights, gay rights, etc. – gives the War Party a green light to rampage over the earth to its heart’s content.

What they want is a world empire with no borders – and June 23 is a day when they could very well be turned back.”


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