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Kerry gives Saudi Arabia a pass on the bombing of Yemen’s civilians.  Of course he would.  The US is funding the Saudis and their airstrikes, and, until recently, has been handing over civilian-murdering cluster bombs.  Funny how the most barbaric of weapons are end up in the hands of our Third World allies.

Justin Raimondo thinks Hillary’s hawkishness can be explained by a need to compensate for being female.  Well, hasn’t she made her gender the cynosure of her campaign?

The military is building a database to predict who will be the next Snowden-level whistleblower.  Paranoia reigns supreme inside the complex.  Just imagine the inevitable witch hunts.

Risk of war between Russia and NATO is increasing because NATO is lining Russia’s border with soldiers, tanks, and nukes: Emerging Potential for War in Europe.  Needlessly provoking Russia is reckless in the extreme.

Of course the Obama administration would whitewash the use of drones .  He pioneered the use of war by remote-control.

The Strange Blissfulness of Storms