The US is bleeding Yemen’s civilian population, under the guise of a Saudi-led war

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US plunges into war with Yemen

How many unsuspecting US civilians will bleed and die from terrorism fueled by the atrocities committed by the US-backed Saudis in Yemen at this very moment?

The bombs, jets, guidance systems, and strategy are being provided by the US military.  All the hard stuff is taken care of, all the Saudis have to do is pull the trigger.  Which they do, a lot.  This includes the recent attack on a Yemen funeral, where 140 mourners were killed, which has now been dubbed a ‘deliberate error‘, according to the British minister to the Mid East.

The survivors, the families of the victims, know who’s arming their tormentors, and they won’t forget.  Those who arm the Saudi’s, however, will be tucked away, forever safe from retribution.  American civilians, soft targets, have been, and will be again, the human shields of the inveterate interventionists who drag this country into endless war.