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How to block the ultrasonic signals you didn’t know were tracking you: “The technology, called ultrasonic cross-device tracking, embeds high-frequency tones that are inaudible to humans in advertisements, web pages, and even physical locations like retail stores. These ultrasound “beacons” emit their audio sequences with speakers, and almost any device microphone—like those accessed by an app on a smartphone or tablet—can detect the signal and start to put together a picture of what ads you’ve seen, what sites you’ve perused, and even where you’ve been. Now that you’re sufficiently concerned, the good news is that at the Black Hat Europe security conference on Thursday, a group based at University of California, Santa Barbara will present an Android patch and a Chrome extension that give consumers more control over the transmission and receipt of ultrasonic pitches on their devices.”

Colorado cannabis industry outperforms all other industries in the state: 18,000 cannabis-related jobs created in 2015, over $1 billion in sales.

Sheldon Adelson fights marijuana legalization while funding pro-marijuana research

The Internet of Things is a Cyberwar Nightmare

Obamacare’s Chickens Come Home to Roost

Outrage over rising drug prices is devastating Big Pharma’s bottom line

Libertarians finally fed up with Bill Weld

How Hillary Clinton Poisons American Politics: Justin Raimondo ably explains the grim consequences of anti-Russian fearmongering.