Right out of the gate

Brazilian journalist detained at UK border for reading a book about ISIS. Endless bureaucracies can be built upon a sufficiently nurtured national paranoia.

Here comes the story of the full scope of Julian Assange’s persecution by DC. Holed up in Ecuador’s embassy for years, missing out on seeing his children grow up, Assange now rightfully declares “war” against the murderous western states that eagerly sought his demise for the “crime” of exposing theirs.

The Disastrous War in Yemen Continues. Artificially-induced famine sweeps a country that no one cares about, as lives are snuffed out with US bombs, dropped from US planes, by inveterate US satellite Saudi Arabia.

White woman’s burrito shop shut down after being accused of “cultural appropriation”. I only care about the burrito, not the heritage of the person selling it to me.

Loophole lets law enforcement bypass state laws on civil asset forfeiture. Legislate a firewall between local and federal law enforcement.

Families suffer most from the war on drugs.

The opioid epidemic is spiraling out of control.  Coroners are now running out of room for dead bodies. As long as policy makers persist in the greatest public policy disaster in the history of the United States, drugs will get harder, criminals will become more violent, and the bodies will pile up.