Legalize heroin to save lives

Fox host actually makes the most cogent case possible for the legalization of heroin, which is the economic case.

Fox host Kennedy: “So, this is obviously sad and tragic, the fact that opioid overdoses have increased in recent years. But I don’t think the problem is that FedEx and UPS and the postal service need more screening tools. I think the problem is that heroin is illegal. And so people go to nefarious means in order to get a drug they would get anyway. […]

If you legalize these things and people have access to them and may know what’s in them, do you think knowing the ingredients in a drug you’re taking increases or decreases the chance that you will overdose on it?”

The abstinence-only, pro-drug war attitude is what birthed the opioid epidemic that resulted in 60,000 deaths just last year.  Instead, offer addicts a clean, regulated product with known potency, rather than the black market poison that’s killing them in droves.  The legal product would be fentanyl- and carfentanil-free, saving the thousands that die from those deadly additives alone.

How about we look to Amsterdam for a fine example of how to handle drug use, where you can sample cannabis, magic mushrooms, or peyote in the many cafes that adorn the city.