The Yemen starvation/cholera disaster is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world

Clearly a man-made crisis.  The Saudis, Third World savages armed with weapons gifted to them by First World savages, are blockading the poor country, destroying critical infrastructure, leading to the pollution of the water supply, the starvation of over 10 million children, and the worst epidemic of cholera in recorded history.

I know of no one, much less the ridiculous humanitarianism-as-fashion hipsters, who know of these facts, or who could even locate Yemen on a map.  Regardless, their government is arming Yemen’s tormentors with the latest weapons of war, including the barbaric white phosphorus, and unleashing them in indiscriminate fashion upon a helpless civilian population.  The survivors will eventually crawl out of the rubble, and in five years, ten years, or twenty years, unsuspecting First World civilians will die at the hands of strangers screaming something about “Yemen”.  Westerners will look on, dumbfounded, and blame the resulting terrorism on their hatred of our “freedom”, rather than an ineluctable consequence of their governments’ previous war crimes.

The death toll of the US-funded, Saudi strafing of Yemen: over 10,000

The US and UK have given more than $5 billion worth of weapons to Saudis since Yemen war began.

The UK also has blood on its hands: “UK-made fighter jets are dropping UK-made bombs”

WHO: Yemen’s cholera death toll reaches 1,992. 419,804 cases of cholera have been reported since April, or 5,000 every day.

Saudis are deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure with US and UK weapons.

Photographic evidence of Yemen’s starving, malnourished, dying children.

Your own government is funding this atrocity.