01/09/18 Overnight links

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The Verge: Electronic toymaker VTech settles for $650,000 with FTC over children’s privacy suit

ZDNet: Amazon turns over record amount of customer data to US law enforcement

ACLU: Proposal to expand mandatory DNA collection in Virginia raises serious privacy and due process concerns

The Telegraph: NHS hacker who stopped WannaCry virus ‘was coerced into confessing’ in US

EFF: Groups line up for meaningful NSA surveillance reform

Observer: GOP watchdog group ready to brawl over House surveillance bill

also EFF: Supreme Court won’t hear key surveillance case

Scope Weekly: As privacy and cybersecurity worsen, tech offers innovative solutions

Economic Times: Smart vision: This startup AI-powers CCTV cameras to understand what it sees

Deseret News: Orrin Hatch’s privacy bill would be a fitting legacy

USA Today: Sessions’ marijuana decision shows we learned nothing from Prohibition

The Federalist: The Feds botched the Bundy prosecution.  Will this saga continue in court?

Hot Air: China bets on facial recognition in big drive for total surveillance

The Hill: Democrats should take the initiative in ending warrantless surveillance

Coinsquare: How ‘privacy coins’ could take over the world of digital currency

Washington Monthly: How to fix Facebook…before it fixes us

Techdirt: It took only three days for Germany’s new hate speech law to cause collateral damage

FEE: Hayek on the socialist roots of Naziism

NPR: When will we get more ‘Treknology’?