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02/03/18 Overnight links

American Spectator: Memo: FBI used Hillary opposition research to justify surveillance

New York Times: Thank Progressives for the Nunes memo

The Hill: Nunes accuses Dems of lying about role of dossier in surveillance warrant

And for the only analysis that matters: Reason: If you think the Nunes memo will discredit the FBI or DOJ, you haven’t been paying attention to the past 50 years: “Are Americans stupid for feeling like its government is not worthy of respect and confidence? No, of course not. The people in government, especially a string of mostly inept-at-best and power-mad-at worst FBI directors and attorneys general have brought us to a place where we don’t trust them anymore. Especially in an age of forced transparency, squabbles between highly partisan members of Congress is a diversion from bigger and harder truths. Just like in the early to mid-1970s, when the Pentagon Papers, LBJ’s constant lies about Vietnam, Nixon’s illegal actions here and abroad, and revelations of COINTELPRO and massive abuses by the FBI, CIA, and NSA came to light, we need a new Church Commission and Rockefeller Commission if we’re ever going to be able to believe in our government again.

There are extremely serious problems with low-trust societies, and it seems pretty clear that the United States is sliding toward less and less faith in both public and private institutions. That’s bad news, because it usually ends with people calling for more intervention into every aspect of our lives by the very government we know is either crooked, incompetent, or both. If we keep talking about “the memo” and the larger Russia investigation only in partisan terms, the only thing we’ll have to show for ourselves is even less trust and confidence.”

Sheldon Richman: The Church of America

EFF: Keep border spy tech out of ‘Dreamer’ protection bills

MintPressNews: Trump’s drone kill rate 80 times greater than under Bush

The Diplomat: China’s swarms of smart drones have enormous military potential

Cato: The new national ID systems

Police State, Oklahoma edition: Reason: Cops raid house, kill 72-year old woman who was asleep, woke up, tried to defend herself with a pellet gun

Cato: Court: Pennsylvania must rehire trooper legally barred from carrying a gun

New Yorker: California makes marijuana a wellness industry


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