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02/13/18 Morning Links

TechCrunch: UK unveils extremism-blocking tool and could force tech firms to use it The UK’s hidden role in Julian Assange’s detention

Bloomberg: US airstrikes in Syria killed over 200 Russian contract soldiers, sources say

McClatchyDC: Report: patient advocacy groups pushed opioids after getting industry money

The Intercept: GOP law enforcement chiefs invited donors to help set policy via secret bulletin board

WND: The top 10 colleges that are the worst for free speech

Slate: The arming and disarming of black America

FEE: The most basic freedom is the freedom to quit: “If we move our minds out of the quagmire of competition (indeed, we can’t win tennis matches by quitting) and think of life’s broader goals — the goals of surviving, avoiding injury, finding happiness, and living in accordance with our personal values among people whom we respect and who respect us — then we see that freedom to quit is essential to all of these goals. I am talking here about the freedom to walk away from people and situations that are harmful to our well being.”


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