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Valentine’s Day Links

Washington Examiner: Every Pentagon wish is granted in Trump’s defense budget request

The Federalist: Why it’s a big problem if the FISA court relied on Steele’s hearsay to grant surveillance order

Alternet: Trump’s budget doubles down on the Drug War

National Review: Duke professor: “Libertarians seem to be on the autism spectrum.”Ed: Bahaha.  It does sound as though she is actually implying that Public Choice Theorist, and academic god among insects, James Buchanan, is on the autism spectrum.  Nothing more than a middle-school slur from someone with no actual arguments. “Oh those people I don’t like? They’re just retarded.”

New York Times: Are spies like us? A national security reporter says yes, and no

ACLU: A California city fights off ICE’s digital deportation machine

The Intercept: Republican scaremongering on “Sanctuary Cities” backfires, Democrats win big upset in Florida special election

Valley News: Facebook loses Germany court battle over privacy settings

The Week: Is America the main obstacle to peace in Korea?

Techdirt: More than 4,000 government websites infected with covert cryptocurrency miner

Business Insider: US intelligence officials say they wouldn’t use a Chinese-made phone for fear of spying. Ed: They speak from the experience of what they themselves do.  Safe to assume US-made phones are little more than our own personal self-surveillance devices.

National Interest: The Deep State is very real

Forbes: Try exercising this Constitutional right and you’re apt to regret it

The Guardian: Social media spying is turning us into a stalking society


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