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How Facial Recognition Tech Is Creeping Into Your Life Is the government waging an out-of-sight fight with Apple over encryption? ‘Slaughterbot’ film warns tiny drones could carry out murders The feds, not companies, are most liable to mishandle our personal data Judge requires warrant for use of Stingray surveillance device How the drug war unfairly […]

Rampant sexual assault within US military

Over 6,000 within a year: “The report includes rape, sexual assault, forcible sodomy, aggravated and abusive sexual contact and attempts to commit those crimes. It includes active duty service members, activated Reserve and National Guard members, civilian victims who allege a sexual assault by an active duty member and adult dependents of active duty members. […]

Massive study finds link between excessive screen time and depression among teens


Can a country murder its way out of a drug war?

Philippine president Duterte is making the attempt.  Turns out it takes quite a lot more murder than he probably anticipated.

Opioid epidemic had $95 billion economic price tag in 2016

According to latest study.

A brilliant, yet belated, idea

“The NSA needs to stop hacking” Excerpts: “And as this New York Times story illustrates, the agency has been completely incapable of figuring out how the breach happened. Their computer networks could have been penetrated, or they could have someone on the inside leaking the tools. But after more than a year, they have not been able […]

First ever marijuana overdose?

An 11-month old baby.

16 years of the failed occupation of Afghanistan

Jeff Schechtman on the high price paid for the longest war in US history.

The first church of artificial intelligence

A cyberpunk’s dream come true.

Tweaking the definition of “high blood” pressure…

…leads to 30 million more Americans “suffering” from the affliction. I wonder who benefits?