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12/13/17 Overnight links

SFgate: “Verax”: dark picture of mass surveillance, whistle-blowers, drones, and war ABC7news: San Mateo County ponders ban on killer robots WhaTech: Facial recognition market worth $7.7 billion by 2022 The Inquisitr: Dragonfly Eye: AI machine can identify 2 billion people in seconds findBIOMETRICS: NEC trains deep learning AI to focus sUAS News: Facial recognition software for drones released by Face-Six […]

12/11/17 Morning links

Fox News: Rep. King seeks more surveillance after Port Authority bombing Techdirt: Court hold NYPD in contempt for refusing to hand over documents related to Black Lives Matter surveillance Also from Techdirt: FBI director complains about encryption, offers to sacrifice public safety in the interest of public safety HuffPoUK: Surveillance Cities WIRED: How email open tracking quietly took over the […]

12/9/17 links

Business Insider: The ‘digital privacy case of the century’ is now in court WIRED: Physical measures to amp up your digital security Also from WIRED: How to encrypt all the things And more: The Grand Tor: How to go anonymous online American Thinker: Fake news on steroids–CNN forced to correct its latest big anti-Trump story Reason: Court to cops: forcing a […]

12/9/17 Overnight links

National Review: Pentagon to carry out its first agency-wide audit Betakit: Supreme Court of Canada upholds privacy protections for text messages Quartz: Google’s true origin partly lies in CIA and NSA research grants for mass surveillance Martech: Study: U.S. consumers think their data is worth only $244 per year Harpers: Omnicide(That this is reality for every single person on Earth […]

12/7/17 links

Naked Security: US gov’t says it can break your encryption without a court order Daily Telegraph: Amazon’s data theft means it’s the real Big Brother Ars Technica: Circuit breaker thieves shine light on sheriff’s use of facial recognition Six ways (and counting) that big data systems are harming society Quartz: AI is now so complex its creators can’t trust […]

Overnight links

EnGadget: White House lets NSA’s warrantless surveillance continue until April The Register: EU data protection groups: fix privacy shield or face lawsuit TNW: Apple claims its data-gathering method doesn’t invade your privacy…much Financial Times: Facebook privacy activist launches NGO to fund data lawsuits Axios: Uber paid 20-year-old hacker to destroy data breach information EFF: Government documents show FBI cleared filmmaker Laura […]

A.M. links

Harvard Business Review: Biometrics won’t solve our data-security crisis Aviation Week: Pentagon spending on AI, Big Data, Cloud soaring Chicago Tribune: Data-mining program designed to predict child abuse proves unreliable Fox News: For cybersecurity, it’s business–not government–that should take the lead to protect private information Lexology: The internet of toys: legal and privacy issues with connected toys The Verge: DeepMind’s AI […]

Net Neutrality bedlam

The web is virtually (pun intended in hindsight) humming with Net Neutrality think pieces churned out at a rapid pace, and I sit here wondering why almost no one knows of Tim Berners-Lee.  Like you, dear reader.  Berners-Lee, in short, invented the World Wide Web, and created the first web browser.  At CERN, in 1990.  […]

A.M. assorted links

Techdirt: NSA, DOJ still aren’t letting defendants know they’re using Section 702 against them Ars Technica: Big Ag+Big Pharma=Big Problems: “McKenna’s crusade is against the rising threat of antibiotic resistance, and it is a worthwhile endeavor. Her description of a post-antibiotic world looks a lot like the pre-antibiotic world, in which roughly a quarter of children died of infectious […]

Overnight links

The Liberty Conservative: Senate will attach controversial surveillance power renewal to must-pass legislation Forbes: 9 technology mega-trends that will change the world in 2018 Washington Times: Section 702 of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act splits Democrats, Republicans Business Day: Dressed to kill off unwanted cyber prying Washington Times: Homeland Security officials botched 900 DACA applications Business Day: Apple’s Tim Cook calls for privacy, […]