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02/22/18 Overnight Links

Questions about Florida survivor David Hogg shouldn’t be dismissed as “conspiracy theory”

It’s a shame that the questions regarding 17-year old David Hogg’s questionable behavior has been branded with the “conspiracy theory” label, because there are legitimate concerns about how Hogg is behaving on-camera.  Instead of going into theories about this guy, just watch this:

It seems fairly obvious that he’s attempting to remember a rehearsed script.

Now, David Hogg is the son of retired FBI agent Kevin Hogg.  Does that matter?  It probably at the very least is influencing David’s blind defense of the FBI, despite the fact that they received, and failed to act on, two tips regarding the Florida shooter.

Additionally, and significantly, the local police department received 20 calls warning of Nikolas Cruz’s clear desire to massacre a school, calls that they also ignored.

David also began pushing the gun-control narrative very early, even recording a bizarre video of himself supposedly while inside the school while the shooting was taking place. Here is a link to that particular video:

Student David Hogg during Florida school shooting: “It’s time to take a stand on gun control”

Does he seem oddly calm to you?  Is this how you would behave in the midst of a massacre of your fellow students?

All this doesn’t mean that Hogg is a “crisis actor”, although there appears to be something off about him.  He appears to be someone who desires attention above all else and is clearly willing to do anything in order to be on TV.

BUT, questions about his odd behavior should not be dismissed as baseless paranoia.  They are legitimate, as are the questions about the lack of response to the multiple warnings of an imminent attack on a school.

Instead, the gun-control narrative immediately emerged, and the major media outlets appear to be doing everything they can to drag the survivors in front of their cameras to give an account that advances that narrative.

An event as serious as the death of 17 schoolkids should be probed and prodded with endless questions by everyone.  Instead, we are being cowed and bullied into accepting the one narrative that not only absolves the incompetent bottom-feeding bureaucrats at the FBI and police department, but grants the federal government even more power over the lives of everyone else.

02/21/18 Morning Links

Why we must oppose the Surveillance State

Welcome to the new visitors to this site.  As I’ve said before, this is a stripped-down news aggregation site with short commentary by someone with credentials that don’t stretch much beyond ‘concerned citizen’.  New content will be added throughout every day, along with short commentary. The main focus will be the rise of the Surveillance State, with an aim to killing it while its still wobbling about with the shell still on its head, before it realizes its potential.  We are rapidly approaching a point in time when it will no longer be possible to end total surveillance, when the interests of so many powerful groups are aligned in its favor that peaceful revolt will be impossible.

My previous writing has been scattered to the digital winds, and covered a range of subjects.  All of my writing will now be confined to this space, and focused almost exclusively on raising awareness of a rapidly expanding complex of total surveillance of every citizen by our own government.  It’s not conspiracy, it is fact.  On a daily basis, headlines proclaim the advance of the latest form of surveillance.  We must resist this normalization of the destruction of our privacy.

The fundamental motive for our resistance to total surveillance is one of mere survival.  During the 20th century, governments of the world murdered 262 million unarmed, unresisting civilians.  R.J. Rummel, the researcher who estimated this number, dubbed this hideous phenomenon “democide” and said that this total is 6 times the number of people killed in combat in every single war combined during that century.  This fact alone should be enough to convince most people to be “anti-government”.

Image result for soviet soldiers murder

We resist total surveillance because we resist the expansion of power of the most murderous institution devised by the human race: government itself.  While we need some method of enforcement of our laws and protection of our liberty, it should be recognized that once we place the monopoly on the use of violence within one institution, we have created the single greatest threat to our survival as a species.  This thing, once created, must be kept chained down.  But all of history has shown that every attempt to keep this institution shackled has failed.  It immediately surrounds itself with a religious aura, with symbols that must be worshipped.  And not to get too melodramatic, but this institution like no other demands reverence, hands over hearts, and sacrifices, whether in the form of a portion of our paychecks or a mortgage on the lives of our children and grandchildren.

I recently attended Oklahoma’s legislative session, and came away with several insights I hadn’t thought of before.  One: the State worships itself.  Specifically, there was a very long prayer recited before the bills were voted on.  While it was ostensibly directed at the Christian god, it was obvious to what institution this orison was directed.  Whatever was circling the air and infecting the minds and hearts of those in attendance was not a god of justice or mercy.  Heads were bowed and eyes closed in fealty and reverence to the granter of riches, to the man-made god of organized and institutionalized aggression.  Then came the hideous Pledge of Allegiance, progeny of State-worshipping Francis Bellamy’s sick mind, who also thought up what has been dubbed the ‘Bellamy Salute’, or a hand outstretched to the flag.  This is what we resist.

Image result for bellamy salute

For the sake of the survival of the human race, we must retain the ability to hide from the State.  This is why we oppose total surveillance.  Once our every action, every movement, is catalogued, assessed, scrutinized, we stand completely vulnerable under the ancient, unblinking eye of the executioner of entire populations.

And so ends this caffeine-fuel screed.

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The too-common phenomenon of authoritarian candidates hijacking pro-liberty slogans

The Sooner Politics front page has a picture that declares “There’s 2 kinds of people: 1. Those who love freedom. 2. Those who love power. The 2nd group preys on the 1st. Never elect the 2nd.”

A straight-forward sentiment that most people would agree on in theory.  In practice, we almost always elect the 2nd. Why?  Because the second type is very good at hijacking the message of the 1st.  Indeed, in many ways they’re better at selling a false hope of more freedom than the true freedom-fighters.  These political grifters have an uncanny ability to time their slogans and emotional appeals to the spirit of the moment, and, once swept into office, proceed to enact their authoritarian agenda.

To distinguish the two groups, one must have a fairly solid understanding of the philosophy of liberty, as well as the type of person most likely to defend and advance it, as opposed to an authoritarian opportunist who picks up pro-freedom slogans when it suits his campaign.  The hidden authoritarian will be inconsistent: they’ll tell one group of voters one thing, and another group will get another message. They’ll speak generically, and shy away from any specific policy proposals.

The true pro-liberty candidate will leap into specifics immediately, and will be straightforward with policy proposals.  The hidden authoritarian will hedge his comments and leave a way out for himself if his comments get him into trouble.

Beware vagueness, which, more than any other quality, augurs the future authoritarian.

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