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WIRED: Here’s the NSA agent who inexplicably exposed critical secrets The Hill: Growing private sector use of facial scanners worries privacy advocates Bloomberg: NSA surveillance bill sparks lawmaker debate over ‘unmasking’ Business Insider: Time running out for lawmakers mulling surveillance bills The Federalist: 12 reasons Congress shouldn’t make lifelong surveillance the price of citizenship Axios: The most impressive surveillance state in […]

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ACLU: New surveillance bill would dramatically expand NSA powers …and more from EFF: House Intelligence Committee’s NSA surveillance bill contains new threats and old  Washington Post: Apple is sharing your face with apps. That’s a new privacy worry. The Independent: Snooper’s Charter restrictions proposed by government after EU court rules data collection powers illegal The Mac Observer: iPhone privacy for the […]


Washington Times: House announces revised bill to continue top foreign surveillance program The Hill: It’s too easy for government to invade privacy in the name of security And more coverage of the upcoming Supreme Court decision from The Guardian: The future of American privacy rights will be defined this year Center for Research on Globalization: Lawsuit aims to […]

More evidence of the coming psychedelic revolution

The Psychedelic Renaissance, Awakening, it’s a phenomenon that clearly needs a name. Vice: Why it feels like you can communicate with nature on LSD Motherboard: The psychologist leading the psychedelic research revolution TNW: How a little bit of drugs can make your boss a better boss CBS San Francisco: California mayoral candidate plans to legalize magic mushrooms

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California’s marijuana industry may be in deep trouble Study: Medical marijuana an alternative to opioids Russia number 1 in facial recognition, according to DC spycraft techies Apple’s Face ID got fooled by a 3D-printed face mask Canadian court rules that spy agencies can continue warrantless cellphone surveillance NSA’s Ragtime program spied on Americans’ data Pentagon […]

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Army spent $100 million on intelligence system it never used, NSA leak says The U.S. government says it has the right to track cellphone users’ every movement  Of course they would do this, just like Real ID: Senate intel chief sees surveillance powers hidden within must-pass legislation China is a perfect illustration of the real reason […]

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Arizona’s facial recognition use worries privacy advocates Trump administration wants to track the Facebook feeds of foreign visitors New NSA leak exposes Red Disk, the Army’s failed intelligence system Security firm was front for advanced Chinese hacking operation, Feds say Pentagon is downplaying the number of troops in Iraq and Syria: Report China racing for […]

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NYT: How a Radio Shack robbery could spur a new era of digital privacy The Guardian: Supreme Court cellphone case puts free speech–not just privacy–at risk Slate: Courts can’t keep up with police location-tracking technology ACLU: Trump’s new cybersecurity rules are better than Obama’s How websites watch your every move and ignore your privacy settings Getting them used to […]

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Washington Post: The Supreme Court’s privacy precedent is outdated More on the Fourth Amendment and SCOTUS: Cops, Cellphones, and Privacy at the Supreme Court ABC Online: Young people do care about privacy, despite what Zuckerberg and Brandis say BoingBoing: Reverse-engineering a connected Furby toy, revealing its disturbing security defects CNBC: Veterans, grappling with PTSD, are helping to boost public […]

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Does cellphone-sweeping ‘Stingray’ go too far? The federal gov’t already broke its medical marijuana promise Magic mushrooms next to be decriminalized in California? FBI receives record number of background check requests for guns on Black Friday UK politician calls for legalization of marijuana, admits to drinking cannabis tea