Mexican drug war suffers bloodiest month in two decades

2,234 homicide investigations were opened by prosecutors in Mexico for the month of June, a 40% jump from the previous June, and an 80% increase from June 2014.  12,155 homicide cases were opened from January to June of this year.

The article points to a rise in demand for heroin as a factor in the increase in violence.  Now, U.S. authorities are cracking down on local heroin dealers, so of course the only thing this is accomplishing is basically protecting the market for the Mexican cartels.  The solution?  Legalize heroin in the US and regulate its use.  Sounds crazy, right?  But if it were legal, the black market would disappear, along with the violence that goes hand-in-hand with underground economies.  The drug would be clean, no deadly additives such as fentanyl or elephant tranquilizer.

Drug prohibition gave rise to the bloodbath south of the border.  End the drug war and the needless violence will end.

Mass surveillance distracts from actual threats

Slightly dated, but makes the relevant point that blanket, mass surveillance of everyone produces far too much information for anyone to sift through.  Also, the ability of authorities to interpret actual relevant information is severely lacking.

Before 9/11, there was an abundance of intelligence of foreign individuals wanting to learn how to fly commercial jets.  The flight instructor even warned the FBI about them.

The Pulse nightclub shooter was reported by his own mosque, then interviewed by the FBI.

The moral is that there is no real defense against terrorism that can come from government.  The government has built surveillance/warfare state of unprecedented size on top of the idea that they can protect us, however.