The greatest thing about Alien Covenant

David and Walter, each with their own version of Ozymandias.   David wandered the Engineer’s home world for a decade with Horace Smith’s later poem in his mind, grandiosely reciting it when looking at the apocalypse he rained upon the planet’s inhabitants, only for Walter to show up and inform him that the original poem was written by Percy Shelley.

Jeff Sessions wants to commence a prohibitionist shitstorm of the old-school

Plenty are prepared to resist the top law enforcement official, a veritable Duterte in utero,  who declared that “good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

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What will be sacrificed, and what unkillable monsters created, in the name of a war against a plant?

Fentanyl overdoses soar…

…as black market entrepreneurs act rationally by lacing their illegal heroin with the synthetic substance.  Policymakers have created the environment, through drug prohibition, that induces heroin dealers to lace their product with a cheaper, more powerful, substance.  It’s economics, a subject policymakers brush aside in favor of the blind emotionalism that drives the drug war, which delivers drug users into the clutches of harder drugs, dealt by more dangerous businessmen.

Black market heroin business is booming in the US

Thanks to the drug war. Bloomberg

I wonder if law enforcement and policymakers will realize their hand in the epidemic before it’s too late? Thousands of people became hooked on the hideously addictive prescription pain pills that flowed freely from doctors up until 2011, when policymakers took note of the class of addicts being created.  The flow of Big Pharma opioids was cut off, and so were the addicts.  So they go to the black market dealer of heroin down the road for their fix.  Wham. Instant heroin epidemic.