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Quote to ponder…

“…a bureaucratic organization is an organization that cannot correct its behavior by learning from its errors.”-Michael Crozier

Quote is lifted from Don Boudreaux’s wonderful blog, Cafe Hayek.  This is the essence of bureaucracy, and its chief danger.  Think about the various bureaucracies that have sprung up in the wake of 9/11, the main one being the Department of Homeland Security.  It’s creation rode a tidal wave of fear and paranoia, baseless fear and paranoia, it turns out.  That bureaucracy doesn’t care at all about whether there’s enough terrorism to justify it’s existence, the DHS is a jobs program, and those employed there will do almost anything to keep their jobs.  This includes constant fear mongering about the nonexistent terrorist threat, to probably wishing for some type of real terrorist attack to justify themselves.  The Drug War bureaucracy works in much the same way: it lives off of the black market crime way that it claims to combat.



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