The Drug War does employ morons, which means you could get a SWAT raid for making a trip to the gardening store

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Idiots with badges, tasked with enforcing the War on Drugs, raided a home to find evidence of a marijuana-growing operation.  They scared the crap out of the inhabitants, a father and his 13-year old son, but didn’t find anything illegal.  The reason for this nonsense was that cops had observed the father and son visited a gardening store to buy supplies for growing tomatoes.  Their suspicions grew when they found tea leaves in the family’s trash, mistaking them for marijuana, leading to another misbegotten SWAT raid.  Not finding any evidence of illicit drug activity, the cops began rooting around through the entire house, looking for anything to justify the raid.  Not finding anything this time, they then brought the drug dogs in for training. CATO

Ridiculous, but probably not as bad as mistaking okra for marijuana.