The FBI has just unveiled its very own propaganda video game, and it’s just as bad as you expect it to be

The game is called “The slippery slope to violent extremism” and stars a fairly unsophisticated goat.  You move the goat left or right to avoid blocks, and your if goat hits one, he explodes.  The game itself, and the FBI site it’s located on, attempts to teach kids about the dangers of propaganda, groupthink, and various phrases or ideas that are part of “extremist” ideology.  Throughout the game, the gamer is treated to various phrases that are part of the “distorted logic” of extremists, but sound as if they were uttered by a politician agitating for a new war.  “We must defend our traditions”, “The enemy is responsible for this injustice”, and, “our violent actions will result in a better future”.  This is heard constantly, in some form or another, by warmongering politicians on the eve of another U.S. invasion.