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Belgium has 650,000 Muslim, the U.S. has 3.3 million. Why isn’t Islamic extremism thriving here?

Because, despite what the Warfare State would have you believe, Muslim communities aren’t predisposed to violence.  In Europe, the phenomenon of the “Muslim ghetto” is prevalent, whereas in the U.S., Muslims for the most part acclimate themselves to norms of this country.  From the

Boston Globe:  “Nevertheless, at the grass-roots level, Muslims in the United States, like other cultural and religious minorities, have had no problem acclimating to mainstream norms. In a detailed 2011 survey, the Pew Research Center found that Muslim Americans are “highly assimilated into American society and . . . largely content with their lives.” More than 80 percent of US Muslims expressed satisfaction with life in America, and 63 percent said they felt no conflict “between being a devout Muslim and living in a modern society.” The rates at which they participate in various everyday American activities — from following local sports teams to watching entertainment TV — are similar to those of the American public generally. Half of all Muslim immigrants display the US flag at home, in the office, or on their car.”

It seems that demonizing this group of U.S. Muslims is the stupidest enterprise possible, yet it happens.  Spying on American Muslim communities, whipping up anti-Muslim sentiment on the part of politicians is insulting to this community, and dangerous to them as well, because it could lead to attacks on them.