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The lesson of the Tamir Rice shooting: don’t let your kids play with toy guns in public

They might get shot by a trigger-happy cop.  Cleveland will pay Tamir’s family $6 million for the shooting death of their 12-year old by a cop who opened fire immediately after he got out of his patrol car.  Perversely, that cop’s police union is now saying the family should spend the money educating kids about the dangers of playing with toy guns.  Sounds like an admission that cops will probably open fire if they see a kid with a toy gun.  The Intercept

A note: police unions, like other public-sector unions, are nothing more than organized parasites at a trough filled with taxpayer billions and liberties.  They protect their members no matter the circumstances, while the public, who are held hostage to their demands, picks up the tab in the form of higher taxes while being forced to deal with a choleric, irascible, unaccountable police force.