Years of the War on Terror have weakened U.S. ability to fight an actual war

23 Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces in the past three months.  We should care about what thug states that we fund do with our money.

Speaking of thug states: Saudi Arabia continues its brutal U.S.-backed/funded war of attrition on Yemen’s civilian population

Neocons have a deep-seated fear of peace with Iran.  Too wedded to the narrative of a threatening Iran.  It’s a lucrative business, the spreading of war propaganda.

The creeping militarization of America, the sheepening of American citizens.  We’ve been taught from birth to always submit to someone wearing a badge or military uniform.  So the police state comes waving a flag, carrying a cross, and most people aren’t able to anything but put up signs saying “we support our police!”.

Mandatory maternity leave for new mothers means less women being hired.  How much thought really goes into bills like this?  Raising the cost of hiring someone will make it more likely that they won’t be hired.  The same logic applies to the minimum wage.

FBI director says that filming cops increases crimes rates.  In reality, it decreases crime committed by cops.  Not surprising coming from someone who demands total secrecy on the part of the Surveillance State, combined with total transparency of the population.

Speaking of the FBI, they apparently planted surveillance microphones all over San Francisco, ostensibly to catch a real estate fraud ring.  They always have a ready-made excuse in case they get caught.