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Former St. Louis cop charged with murder.  $900,000 settlement over the 2011 shooting.  Trigger-happy cops are costing these cities a ton of money.

Psychedelic mushrooms alleviate severe depression in clinical trial.  Expect a pushback from Big Pharma as it threatens their toxic anti-depressant monopoly.

The War on Drugs: a trillion-dollar failure

CIA “accidentally” destroys its sole copy of Senate torture report

Mother stands up to SWAT team attempting to kidnap daughter for the purpose of doping her with Big Pharma’s anti-psychotics.  Sadly, the State did kidnap her child and force her to take the dangerous meds.

Socialism has utterly ruined Venezuela.  Socialism is really just the end result of cronyism; what happens when cronyism consumes its host.

Ron Paul on the NDAA: the military/industrial complex jackpot of 2017