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Whoever hacked the DNC/Clinton campaign deserves a medal

First post in months, so there’s much to comment on.  One of the bigger things that has bothered me these past months is the auto-demonization of Russia in regards to hacking, “aggression”, and the like.  Clinton and her fawning media have attempted to divert attention away from the content of the revelations to focus on Russia as the culprit, for obvious reasons.  And while there isn’t proof of Russia’s hand in the hacking, why would it be such a bad thing?  Clinton is charging Russia with interfering in US elections…by exposing Clinton’s interference with US elections.  The hacking was, as Putin himself said, a public service.  What does it say about the level of corruption within the US political class that US citizens need a foreign government to expose that corruption?

The identity of whoever hacked the DNC and the Clinton campaign matters far less than what that hack exposed.

Reason‘s Anthony Fisher lists the top-10 revelations from the Clinton camp emails.  Among these is the hilarious/frightening nugget that State dept. officials ridiculously referred to themselves as the “Shadow Government”, and plotted, unsuccessfully, to control the release of Clinton documents.  Another revealing nugget is that in 2014, Clinton said that she was against marijuana legalization “in all senses of the word”.  Also, Dem officials apparently fretted over a job-killing $15 minimum wage.  Of course, they supported it anyway.  Last on his list is the not-insignificant fact that the White House knew long ago that Hillary was using a private server, and Obama himself used a pseudonym when communicating with Clinton.

The lesson, it seems, is that people reveal their true selves in private, when they believe no one of consequence is watching.  The Political Class takes its mask off, reveals its true intentions, when it believes the public isn’t listening in.  THIS is the reason we need Snowden, Assange, “Guccifer”, and the faceless whistleblowers and hackers who expose that Political Class.