Cops shoot 10,000 dogs every year

Estimate out of the Justice Department that I’ve noted before.  It’s just a statistic that’s too amazing to not be constantly reminded of.  Are the cops so fragile that they can’t handle a family pet?  Are they trained to unload on any animal that approaches?  Or are they looking for a reason to get their gun off?  I imagine it’s a combination, depending on the depravity of the thug hiding behind the badge.  And it’s not a statistic thrown about enough, particularly from the vacuous, virtue-signaling, pretentious, ‘friends of animals’, the vegans.  Watching the same video of a cow being butchered for food doesn’t quite hold the same emotional weight after watching a pudgy member of the punitive class flop over a fence only to gun down two tail-wagging pets that previously provided emotional support and companionship for two small children.

Family pets have a right not to be shot to death by a badged thug who hops a fence into a private back yard.  A dog wagging its tail doesn’t deserve a bullet, and the families who love their pets deserve to not witness their canine friend gunned down because a cop is afraid of his own shadow.

Here’s a story of a cop who was too eager to kill a family pet and ended up killing a person instead.

Here’s a story of a woman arrested for standing between her dog (chained up!) and a deputy intent on killing the canine.  She was later acquitted. The dog lives on, thankfully. Watch the video to see the tantrum thrown by the cop for not getting to kill something.

The excuse is that the dogs always “charge” or are “aggressive”, until witnesses and video say otherwise.  The legal consequences are severely lacking, however. Until training improves, and hiring standards rise slightly above ‘functioning sociopath’, thousands of family pets will continue to be gunned down by emotional wrecks with badges.