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The Parkland tragedy is being used to fuel a propaganda machine for a public school Police State

The emerging narrative of the Parkland aftermath is clear: greater gun control, and more cops in our schools.  These ideas are would be ineffective at best, and would succeed only in turning schools into prisons, and students into inmates.  But imagine the public funds it would take to pull off this type of domestic militarization, and it’s easy to see why so many powerful industries are rising in its support.

What our public schools need is the presence of members of private security, not more cowards hiding behind a badge, a union, and an “officers bill of rights”.  Protectors of our children should be ones who feel the ever-present fear of accountability, and of losing a paycheck.  After all, “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own self-interest.  We address ourselves not to their humanity but to their self-love, and never talk to them of our own necessities, but of their advantages.”

A private security firm doesn’t have the time nor the endless stream of public funds at its disposal to paper over colossal blunders such as the ones committed by law enforcement at every stage leading up to Parkland.  They would almost certainly screen out the cowards in favor of the Frank Castles.

This won’t happen, but it should.  Schools need do need protection, what they don’t need is more government intervention.  I can’t imagine it would be that hard to hire a number of armed, professional guards from a private firm to patrol the school grounds.  There would be no need for far-reaching legislation, no “gun control”.

Nevertheless, it is clear that a narrative is being constructed that is already being wielded in favor of turning public schools into Police States in miniature, which means either more cops, or an expansion of the TSA into our kids’ lives.  More cops in schools mean more interactions between minorities and cops at a younger age.  Which means a greater probability of kids building a rap sheet much earlier in life. It also means conditioning children to accept the Police State they will become acquainted with when they emerge from these prisons as adults.  But it won’t keep them safe. Not from other students, but especially from the institution that will always remain the greatest and most immediate threat to their safety: the State itself.

Just a few thoughts from a caffeine-addled mind.

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Homeland Security lives its Surveillance State fantasy on the U.S. border

My Statesman: Amid privacy concerns, ‘virtual’ wall brings powerful spy tech to Texas border:

“In the future imagined by the Department of Homeland Security, an army of small drones will hover over the southwestern border, outfitted with facial recognition technology that can cull criminal histories of people on the ground. Advanced cameras will instantly identify drivers and passengers as they cross international bridges into Mexico. Artificial intelligence software will comb through the social media accounts of immigrants seeking to enter the country.”

It’s not just the US border, as the ACLU has repeatedly reminded us that the “border” extends 100 miles into the US. It should be noted that two-thirds of the US population live within 100 miles of the border. So this technology can and will be used freely on everyone living within that “Constitution-free zone”.

The “Russian collusion” narrative ends at a click-bait farm

The year-long “investigation” into Russian interference with the US Presidential election has ended with the indictment of 13 Russian nationals connected to a click-bait business operated from Russia.  As Justin Raimondo notes, the indictment is a joke, a pie to his own face and to that of the entire media establishment that promoted the notion that Russia threw the election in Trump’s favor with a few Facebook ads and Twitter accounts.  To think that this sham has been compared to the attack on Pearl Harbor is an outrage.

All 13 Russians are still in Russia, with a snowball’s chance at extradition.  Putin is surely laughing at the entire farce.

Public schools condition children to accept total surveillance

Stella Morabito has a very insightful post up at The Federalist today, entitled, 13 Ways Public Schools Incubate Mental Instability In Kids, and cuts to the foundations of the cause for public school violence.  Forced conformity, conveyor-belt mass education, and the “gen pop” environment that breeds identical hierarchical dynamics as those found in US prisons.  And that’s something that should be plainly faced up to: the public school environment and the prison environment are almost identical.  Kids form cliques and gangs, enforce social acceptance or ostracization, and learn to be brutal to each other out of necessity in order to survive this environment.

But these giant schools also do something else, something far more sinister: they condition children to accept total surveillance at a young age.  Schools are basically laboratories for total surveillance, with our kids the test subjects.  Rather than a means to teach them the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic, which would require around a mere 100 hours of attentive instruction, as Morabito explains, our kids are subjected to 17,000 hours inside a warped mini-Police State, only to emerge as adults believing their treatment within those confines can and should be applied to all of society.

The brutal enforcement of conformity among adolescent peers who are confined within an artificial environment for 8 hours every day for years is mentally and emotionally crippling for kids.  And we wonder why they go nuts and either commit suicide or shoot up a school.

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